Digital Praxis and Publicly Engaged Scholarship

Publicly engaged, multimedia scholarship is by nature collaborative and generates a diverse array of products. Here are several projects to which I have contributed recently:

Women Who Rock: Making Scenes, Building Communities

Women Who Rock logo

Women Who Rock brings together scholars, musicians, media-makers, performers, artists, and activists to explore the role of women and popular music in the creation of cultural scenes and social justice movements in the Americas and beyond. This multifaceted endeavor reshapes conventional understandings of music and cultural production by initiating collective methods of research, teaching, and community and scholarly collaboration. We encompass several interwoven components: an annual participant-driven, community engagement conference and film festival; project-based coursework at the graduate and undergraduate levels; and an oral history archive that ties the various components together.

The Women Who Rock Digital Oral History Archive fosters the development of participant-driven scholarship, on-line exhibits, curriculum, and media production. This collection will expand as we continue to conduct more oral histories, generate more programming, and create new media and scholarship in coming years.

Please go to for more information about current events.

Digital Archive Project Credits

Michelle Habell-Pallán and Sonnet Retman

Curatorial and Content Production Team:
Michelle Habell-Pallán, Sonnet Retman, Monica De La Torre, and Angelica Macklin
with design and content contribution from Carrie Lanza, Kim Carter Muñoz, and Nicole Robert

UW Libraries Digital Initiatives Team:
Ann Lally, Anne Graham, Angela Rosette-Tavares, and Rinna Rem

Our Lady Who Rocks Logo by Angelina Villalobos (Angel 179)

PARADOX OF URBAN SPACE- BETTER IMAGESocially Conscious Design in the Information Age:The Practice of an Architecture for Humanity (2011)

is a chapter  David Smolker and I co-wrote regarding the use of participatory digital media in AFH’s work. In The Paradox of Urban Space: Inequality and Transformation in Marginalized Communities. Edited by Sharon E. Sutton and Susan P. Kemp. New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music

American SaborFollowing the completion of my certificate in filmmaking in 2007, I was selected to be a Women in Film, Seattle Intern at Experience Music Project where I assisted filmmaker, Virgina Bogert in producing several films as well as the online educational program for American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music, a museum exhibit co-curated by University of Washington faculty that has since visited the Smithsonian and toured many cities across the country.
Principal Investigators: Marisol Berríos-Miranda, Michelle Habell-Pallán, and Shannon Dudley, University of Washington, Ethnomusicology and Gender Women & Sexuality Studies
Curatorial Department, Experience Music Project, Seattle

Digital Humanities Training:

Many thanks to University of Washington Simpson Center for the Humanities for so many opportunities for innovative training in collaborative, multi-media public scholarship.