Social Work


Over the past decade, my social work practice and research have primarily taken place within the context of a projects involving partnerships between university departments and a variety of organizations, health care providers, and school systems.

2009-2014, 2003-2005: Doctoral Student, University of Washington School of Social Work. Research: Progressive era social work history with an emphasis on maternal and child health and the social survey movement. Dissertation:  Paul U. Kellogg, Hybrid Practice and Progressive Era Visual Research Methods, 1902-1917.

Doctoral Committee:

Chair: Susan P. Kemp, MSW, PhD, UW School of Social Work

Sharon Sutton, FAIA, PhD,  School of the Built Environment, UW School of Social Work

Sonnet Retman, PhD, UW American Ethnic Studies

2009-2010. Project Director, Native Youth Enrichment Program, Indigenous Wellness Research Institute, University of Washington School of Social Work, Seattle,Washington.  Developed and delivered summer program exposing Urban Native Youth from 6 school systems, including one tribal school to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), including field trips to UW. Piloted a program that focused on Indigenous food traditions and filmmaking.

Principal Investigators: Polly Olsen, BA (Yakama) and Karina Walters, PhD, MSW (Choctaw)

2008- 2009. Trainer (Promoting First Relationships) & Evaluation Specialist (Educare), Barnard Center on Infant Mental Health and Development, University of Washington School of Nursing, Seattle, Washington. 

Principal Investigators: Jean Kelly, PhD and Sue Spieker, PhD

 2005-  2007. Research Assistant, Depression and Anxiety in Pregnancy and Postpartum Project, University of Washington School of Social Work and School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington.  Screened pregnant and postpartum women for depression,  anxiety, and suicidal ideation in a clinical setting.

Principal Investigators: Jennifer Melville, MD, MPH and Amelia Gavin, PhD, MSW

Summers, 2004-’05.  Research Assistant, Creating a Social Justice Framework for Youth in Community Service, Center for Environment Education and Design Studies, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. Designed and guided construction of web-based discussion tool for geographically diffuse research project participants to interactively review the project’s final report.

Principal Investigators: Sharon E. Sutton, PhD, FAIA  and Susan P. Kemp, PhD, MSW

2001-2003.  Educational Specialist. Department of Family Medicine, Area Health Education Center, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle, Washington. Managed several community center primary care training  and service learning programs throughout a five state area.

Principal Investigators:
Rural and Underserved Opportunities Program: Roger Rosenblatt, MD, MPH
Community Health Advancement Project: Sharon Dobie, MD
Area Health Educational Center: Peter House, MHA