Recent Courses

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University of Washington School of Nursing & Health Studies

BHS 302: Social Dimensions of Health introduces students to several main concepts in public health and explores the links between community, culture, and health disparities. It also provides an overview of the fundamentals of global health.

University of Washington, Bothell School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

BIS 226: Foundations of Social Services focuses on facilitating a process of interrogating the concept of “helping” professions as well as exploring the histories, policies, and systems in which social service workers are embedded.

BIS 312: Approaches to Social Research explores the evolution and diversification of methodologies and epistemologies employed throughout the history of social science research as well as emphasizing the mechanics of the research industry.

BIS 445: Meanings and Realities of Inequality. Employing critical theoretical frameworks with a focus on Globalization,  the first goal of this  course is to unpack the  structural determinants of inequality in realms of health outcomes, education, and economic mobility. Second, it will explore sites of resilience and resistance to structural inequalities and “culture-centered approaches” (Dutta) to achieving health equity and social justice. 

University of Washington School of Social Work MSW Program

SW 500: The Historical and Intellectual Foundations of Social Work
Collaboratively developed, this innovative course is foundational to the pedagogy of the UW MSW program and situates contemporary social work practice within the contexts of our professional history and the ongoing dilemmas of social inequality, multiculturalism and globalization.